The 2010 running of the Little Cranberry Yacht Club
(photos: henrietta and starr)

The Little Cranberry Yacht Club soon to open for the 2010 summer !

Junior and adult classes will soon be starting, and all are welcome: beginners, intermediates, and advanced racers. We also have a rowing program for our youngest members.

Anyone who is interested in joining LCYC and who wants to take classes should contact Starr at 207- 244-0379 or

Beginners: meet 2 mornings a week $70/week
Intermediates: M, W afternoons, T mornings $100/week
Advanced: T, W, F afternoons $110/week
Adults: 2 mornings a week until July 20 $110/week
Rowing: meets two morning a week (45 minutes) $35/2 weeks
Plush, but not overly ostentatious,
club house of the LCYC
on the restaurant dock

Our instructors get the students out racing

But, first the ice-water survival test...

Action on the Bullseyes

Instructors trying to keep up with the sailers...

Adventure on the optis

Safely back in the comforts of the clubhouse...

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