Islesford Pottery
Islesford Pottery, located on the Islesford Dock, has been open mid-June through Labor Day every summer since 1989. It is a shop as well as the working studio of potters Marian Baker, Cindy Thomas and visiting potter Kaitlyn Duggan.

Islesford Pottery Visitors can browse and purchase the work of Marian, Kaitlyn, Cindy, and several other potters whose work is represented there. They can also chat with the potter, watch pots being formed on the wheel, or check out whatever process may be going on at the time: the trimming or handling of pots, glazing, loading or unloading of the kiln. Best of all, there are lots of wonderful pots: bowls, mugs, platters, vases, pitchers and more, in various styles and clay types. Some of the potters represented (besides Marian, Cindy and Kaitlyn), are Joan Lord Johnston, Cathy Hammond, Nancy Carroll, Lucy Breslin, and Mark Johnson.

Because these pots are not produced in a "line" and there are new glazes and types of pots each summer, it is not possible to place an order from this site at this time. There may be an item or two available in the future. (check it out another time) But for now, you are invited to stop in and visit the shop. Hours are daily, 10 to 4 (and often later), or by appointment.

To find out the day in June we'll be open, or any other questions about Islesford Pottery, call Marian at 207-846-1420 (Yarmouth , Maine # Sept-June) or 207-244-9108 (Islesford # after about June 1st). email:

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